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First Coin


Today cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, have become a global phenomenon known to most people. While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.


But for all those who made millions, even more, people missed out. If you’re like me, you may be wishing you got in on it when it was worth just $0.02.

Those days have come and gone, but there are new opportunities arising in this marketplace.


Introducing FIRSTCOIN Cryptocurrency – The next new Bitcoin

FirstCoin is one of a new type of digital currencies, so-called Cryptocurrencies.

These digital currencies use encryption, cryptographic methods to make transactions more secure.

To learn more about Firstcoin, visit:

Benefits include:

  1. Direct Referral Commission 10%
  2. Binary Bonus 5%, 8%, and 10%
  3. Eco Sharing
  4. ATM Share
  5. Income on Rate
  6. Matching Bonus
  7. Earning from Mining Shares
  8. Pool Bonus Firstcoin is the only crytptocurrency with anti-exchange rate protection program. The Firstcoin opportunity is unique and second to none. This project is transparent with a clear road map.

Take this chance and improve your lifestyle !!

Affiliate Link:

For more information and tips:


Pavel Rocas


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iCoinPro is the PREMIER training and educational platform on the internet to teach you STEP BY STEP: 
·         How/Where to Buy Your First Bitcoin TODAY
·         Easy to Follow Basic Beginner VIDEO Training tutorials
·         Full Support and Help
·         Advanced Cryptocurrency Training Strategies
                    All for just $39.95/mo
This is the link to sign up: 

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Learn the Secrets to Maximize Your Results with iCoinPro’s for Cryptocurrency

Learn the Secrets to Maximize Your Results with iCoinPro’s EXCLUSIVE Training Series and Tools
iCoinPro’s Membership Gives you access to the following Training and Tools 24/7:
  • Understanding Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies
  • Where and how to purchase Bitcoin
  • Important Terminology
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining
  • Understanding buy and sell signals
  • Access to the Micro Profit Trading System
  • Lending Cryptocurrencies
  • Full features of the EXCLUSIVE iCoinPro App for Android and iOS (Coming soon!)
  • Live WEEKLY Video Training
  • And much, much more!

Sign up for free and be part of it:

Pavel Rocas

Dallas USA

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Crypto market share is still small

Bitcoin is valued at over $66 billion and the total valuation of all cryptocurrencies has passed $142 billion.

However, compared to gold, stocks and fiat money, cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and have incredible room to grow.

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Un nou Inceput

Un nou inceput
Domnilor si doamnelor, a venit timpul sa ne bucuram de o adevarata oportunitate si de un nou inceput. Lasind in urma trecutul nefavorabil, sa fim cu mare atentie la prezentul de azi si sa nu pierdem cea mai mare sansa a vietii noastre.
La inceput Bitcoin ul a fost in 2009 2 centi si cu $20 inestiti atunci, acum puteam avea un million de dollari. De ce am pierdut sansa atunci? In primul rind nu am auzit de el, iar in al doilea rind nu am crezut si nu am inteles ce este si ce importanta are nici in anii care au urmat. Documentar

Astazi acest mesaj are rolul sa te informeze ce este si ce importanta are moneda digitala.

1. Va invit sa ascultati acest video scurt despre moneda digitala.
Prezentare Excallit-Veros in limba romana. video 14.49 minute

Miercuri orele 21.00 Ro. prezentarea afacerii, Joi orele 21.00 dezvoltarea afacerii
Link de acces in conferinta:,93285251

2. Importanta monedei digitale: 1a.moneda digitala va inlocui incet toate celelalte forme de plata si schimb valutar.
2a. Se pot face transfer de la persoana la perssoana fara interventia bancii mult mai rapid si cu costuri minime.
3a. Este viitorul si inlocuitorul cash ului.

Atentie: fie ca participam acum fie ca respingem sau comentam, ACESTA i-a locul schimbului valutar. Ferice de oricine face primul pas acum, astazi si aici.

Pasul #1. Participarea. Trimteti va rog numele, emailul si telefonul.

Pasul 2. Activarea. Insemna achizitionarea unui packet intre 100 si 50,000 de euro si alegerea duratei de investitie. De precizat: odata cumparat paketul cu Veros este al dumneavoastra pentru totdeauna si nu este tinut in banca sau in alt loc, ci in portofelul dumneavoastra.

Urmariti in tabelul urmator: investitiile, durata si interesul in functie de packet. Interesul se distribuie zilnic in portofelul dumneavoastra si puteti sa-l folositi.

Pentru schimbul din moneda digitala Veros in UDS, EUR, SGD sau alte menede digitale va recomand doua platforme: cu link de referinta:
Sau Link de referinta:

Sunt doua feluri de participanti: 1. Investitor sau 2. Investitor care dezvolta afacerea. (refera si altora oportunitatea)
Un exemplu de investitie: la 10,000 de euro investitie pe termen de 3 anii cu interesul de 20%. Ati primi azi 11,003,521.12676 VRS.
11,003,521.12676 VRS x 20% = 2,200,704 VRS pe an si impartit la 12 luni = 183,392 VRS lunar. Daca vindeti interesul lunar cu 0.02 sau cu 0.05 sau cu 0.10 calculati singuri ce profit puteti avea.

Atentie: daca moneda veros creste veti primi o suma mai mica de VRS, de aceea acum este cel mai potrivit timp de investitie. Decizia va apartine.
Sunt aici si va stau la dispozitie cu orice informatie este nevoi pentru investitie si dezvoltarea propriei afaceri.

Lider si Investitor Int. 25k
Pavel Rocas
Email skype ID pavelrocas

Actioneaza acum pina nu e prea tirziu. Impreuna vom face lucruri bune, minunate si benefice pentru fiecare. Fa primul pas acum.

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COSS platform.

Hi there,

To give you a better idea of the nearest future of the COSS development, we would like to introduce you to our strategic partners and the upcoming features of the COSS platform.

Please meet:

TaaS – the first tokenized closed-end fund aiming to reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the blockchain space. With its profit-sharing smart contract, TaaS has introduced a new business model allowing investors to benefit from the fund’s income stream.

CoinPip – a Singapore-based company that reinvents the way money transfers between businesses are made. CoinPip helps businesses to send money abroad in under 48-hour time avoiding bank or forex charges. On COSS CoinPip is soon to cater B2B remittance.

Attores – a platform that offers Smart Contracts as a Services making it easy for customers to write, submit and execute Smart Contracts on the blockchain. On COSS, Attores will soon implement digital signing of documents and certificates.

Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) – a financial technology company building the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines. SCI designed products such as Remittance, Payment Processing, Investments and Mobile Money, offering its P2P remittance services to COSS customers shortly.

Eva Energy – a subscription-based energy-supply company from Romania dedicated to delivering integrated utilities – electricity and natural gas to industrial and domestic customers since 2012. On COSS.IO Eva Energy is soon to introduce billing for gas and electricity in cryptocurrency.

CardBlue – a Romania-based provider of prepaid MasterCard and the associated services. CardBlue is soon to issue COSS prepaid cards for easy deposit/withdrawal of cryptocurrency, its conversion into cash and to enable payments in physical stores.

Civic – a platform that provides identity theft protection by means of multi-factor authentication, third-party authenticator, and a physical hardware token. Civic login is soon to be implemented on COSS.

ICORating – a rating agency that has developed a system helping to analyze ICOs greatly contributing to the growing market behind it. ICO Rating will soon collaborate with COSS to put ICO services to the next level by offering a set of related services.

FundYourSelfNow (FYN) – startup that aims to revolutionize the traditional crowdfunding by catering services that facilitate team-building and project development to help creators fundraise for their projects from scratch. Together with COSS, FYN will transform fundraising.

CoinFirm – a startup that is currently building a foundation for safe adoption and acceptance of the blockchain assets via its various services such as AML, KYC, Compliance, Analytics, Monitoring, etc. Through its collaboration with CoinFirm, COSS will soon introduce the enhanced AML function to its customers.

Digital Developers Fund (DDF) – an investment fund designed to let investors participate in the extraordinary growth of domain names and crypto currencies. DDF’s investment focus concentrates on the domain names, cryptocurrency and reserve funds.

Jetcoin Institute – manages the distribution of the digital fuel, Jetcoin (JET) operating within the sports and the entertainment industries. Very soon the customers of COSS will be able to take advantage of the deals available for the participants of the network behind the Jetcoin Institute.

That’s only the beginning!

Currently, we are running the Token Swap (ICO) campaign during which you can purchase the revenue-generating COSS tokens that will earn you a portfolio in multiple cryptocurrency.

Participate here:

We’re building something big, so stay tuned!

Your COSS Team

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Cum gindesti?

Sunt prieten cu Marius Stanescu si am un respect si o apreciere mare pentru cunostintele si modul lui de a presenta lucrurile, modului de a fi, este un adevarat Lider.

Va trimit acest clip pentru a va ajuta in modul de gindire-entuziasm-aplicare si rezultate.


Tot astazi am primit un mesaj de la Mike Jull CEO-ul de la Excallit.  In ultimele 3 luni, noi am facut multe modificari in Excallit. O sa primiti informatiile in curind.

Va recomand sa va GINDITI BINE ACUM, daca doriti sa deveniti parteneri cu noi in Excallit sau veti fi si peste 5 ani la nivelul si modul de viata pe care-l aveti acum.

Va stam la dispozitie cu toate cele necesare doar celor care fac o decizia acum. Criptomoneda a crescut si proverbul romanesc spune cam asa: „Ce poti face astazi, nu lasa pe maine” Am spus si repet mereu: Decizia va apartine.

Expresia „Ma mai gindesc” este doar o scuza. Cit te mai gindesti? sau nu stii ce vrei?

Ceea ce facem noi raspindim informatia si „Cine are urechi de auzit sa auda”  Cine vede sa priceapa si cine pricepe i-a actiunea cea mai buna de a face primul pas spre success.

Va steptam cu intrebarile si dorintele dumneavoastra la

PS more hope 4 u inseamna: „mai multa speranta pentru tine” 

Te asteptam cu drag. Impreuna vom avea success.

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In luna Septembrie 2017 inauguram deschiderea oficiala a Crypto Academy Romania. Prin acest eveniment venim in sprijinul celor care doresc sa se dezvolte in industria cryptomonedelor, incepand cu notiuni de baza cum ar fi:
– care sunt cryptomonedele tranzactionabile ce pot fi scimbate in moneda conventionala. euro, dolar etc.
– si detalii importante de urmarit
– cum putem achizitiona Bitcoin, Ethereum, Veros etc. si cum putem face transferuri sau plati
– deschidere cont pe market Livecoin, Bitterex, Kraken etc.
– CryptoTrading pe cele mai cunoscute market-uri online
– multe alte informatii utile prin care sa formam o echipa de succes in industria crypto la nivel Global.
Revenim cu detalii in zilele urmatoare.

In September 2017 we inaugurate the official opening of Crypto Academy Romania. AND Hot Springs, AR.                                                                                                                          Through this event we come to support those who want to develop in the cryptocurrency industry, starting with basic knowledge such as:
– what are the tradable cryptocurrency that can be converted into the conventional currency: Euro, USD, etc.
– and important tracking details
– how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Veros, etc. And how we can make transfers or pay
– Livecoin, Bitterex, Kraken, etc.
– CryptoTrading on the most popular online markets
– And other useful information to form a successful global crypto industry.
We come back with details in the coming days.

Fotografia postată de Ciprian Metac.

Stimati prieteni si colegi, Succesul depinde de mai multi factori: The success depend on:

  1. Pregatirea fiecaruia in parte  Knowlage.
  2. Activitatea noastra zilnica     Action.
  3. Perseverenta                   Perseverance.
  4. Stabilitate                     Stability.
  5. Continuitate                   Continuity.
  6. Rezultate                       Results.


„Impreuna vom reusi” –  „Together we can win”

Pavel Rocas  Dallas                                                                         email:                                         

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***To sign up, please use this link:

Referral Link: Offer Merchants, around the world Hign-Quality tools to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

For more info. please contact me at

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Prin gara ta n-o sa mai treaca.

Stimati prieteni si cunoscuti,

Azi e 5 August si va prezint citeva lucruri concrete privitor la cea mai buna afacere la care puteti sa luati parte acum. Daca va uitati la Bitcoin -ul a trecut de $3000 si sansa ca cineva sa mai investeasca ceva e mica. Bitcoin-ul e doar inceputul si un exemplu, dar ce vine e mare si va umplea piata.

Decizia iti apartine daca urci in tren sau il privesti de departe si ramai pe peron.         Prin gara ta n-o sa mai treaca. Decizia iti apartine. 

Acum vreau sa va trimit dovezi despre beneficii si transactii.

In urma muncii si investitiei facute la timp am primit bonusurile de rigoare din partea companiei Excallit.                                                                                                                           Cele 3 bonusuri: Direct sale Bonus (DSB), Network Team Bonus (NTB) si Team Matching Bonus (TMB) sunt foarte benefice pentru cei seriosi care vor sa construiasca afacerea corect. Mai jos aveti un exemplu ca dovada. Suma a fost mai mare dar am facut o retragere saptamina trecuta.

Request a Withdrawal

All withdrawal requests submitted between Wednesday at 00:00 and Monday at 23:59 will be processed for payment the first upcoming Wednesday.

You will be responsible for any costs which are incurred should the bank reject the transfer because of your bank account details being incorrect.

Cash Account

Cash Account Balance:
EUR 2,688.42
Balances (EUR)Balance vs DateCash Account Balance in Last 12 Weeks
63747 2017-08-04 16:01:39 2017-08-04 16:01:39 Payment ID #56 – Network Team Bonus (NTB 100%) 38.40
63577 2017-07-31 17:30:44 2001-01-01 00:00:00 FEE Transfer Request ID # 608 -25.00
63576 2017-07-31 17:30:44 2001-01-01 00:00:00 Transfer Request ID # 608 -300.00
63425 2017-07-28 16:02:21 2017-07-28 16:02:21 Payment ID #55 – Network Team Bonus (NTB 100%) 892.80
63380 2017-07-28 16:02:21 2017-07-28 16:02:21 Payment ID #55 – Direct Sales Bonus (DSB 100%) 2,000.00

Transferul in banca

Sort Transactions by date in ascending orderPosting Datedescending Sort alphabetically byDescription Type Show type dropdown menu Status Show status dropdown menu Sort by availableAmount Available Balance
Amount included in Available Balance
Show additional information for activity type bank charge -16.00Wire Transfer Fee
activity type bank charge

status type icon cleared

Cleared.  Select to mark activity type bank charge -16.00 Wire Transfer Fee as Reconciled
-16.00 *******
Show additional information for activity type credit 341.46WIRE TYPE:FX IN DATE:170803 TIME:0505 ET TRN:2017080200107054 FX:EUR 300.00…
activity type credit

status type icon cleared

Cleared.  Select to mark activity type credit 341.46 WIRE TYPE:FX IN DATE:170803 TIME:0505 ET TRN:2017080200107054 FX:EUR 300.00… as Reconciled
341.46 *******

Deci, in concluzie cine munceste primeste. Repet pentru toata lumea:

Beneficiile sunt in functie de efortul depus.  Avem totul la dispozitia noastra pentru a dezvolta o afacere rentabila si benefica. Decizia va apartine. in realitate munca nu e grea si nici timp mult nu cere. Ce e mai simplu decit sa bei o cafea cu cineva si sa-i povestesti de marea oportunitate prin care poate sa-si schimbe viata, poate sa ajute pe altii si in acelasi timp sa cistige si el.

Marele adevar fara jignire: foarte multi oamenii vor sa faca banii fara sa depuna efort, ar prefera afaceri rapide si ascunse fara sa plateasca taxe. Nu vor sa ajute pe altii si traiesc cu cosmarul ca nu cumva cineva sa se imbogateasca de pe urma lor.

Pentru a avea success trebuie curatata mintea omului de astfel de negativitati ireale suspicioase si murdare.

Cea mai frumoasa activitate si cea mai Benefica este MLM sau Network Marketing.

Net-Work, inseamna sa primesti in functie de lucru facut.  Acesta nu este NO Work. 

Acesta inseamna sa muncesti, dar sa muncesti „Smart”.

Am avut timp suficient de gindit si de analizat. Acum e timpul de lucrat. 

Va astept cu intrebarile dumneavoastra in fiecare zi, urmaresc rezultatele celor care sunt dispusi sa-si schimbe atitudinea si viata si voi fi alaturi de ei in orice situatie.

Succesul este garantat celor care sunt seriosi si lucreaza dupa rinduieli. 

Va doresc un weekend placut si nu uitati sa luati o decizie buna acum pina nu e prea tirziu. Poate Trenul acesta Prin gara ta n-o sa mai treaca.

Pavel Rocas


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