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What it’s the reality about Crypto?

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Fed to Move Against Economy?

Fed to Move Against Economy?
Dennis Slothower Photo By Dennis Slothower
Written Saturday, November 4, 2017

Congress Begins Tax Reform Debate

Stocks finished mixed on Thursday following the announcement of the Republican tax overhaul plan and the official appointment of Jerome Powell as the next Federal Reserve Chairman to replace Janet Yellen in February.

It was a „buy the rumor, sell the facts” type of day as investors attempted to sort through the implications of the tax plan coming out of the Ways and Means Committee that will soon be considered by Congress.

From a corporate perspective, if approved, the top corporate tax cut would be reduced from 35% to 20%, and companies would be able to write off investments in new equipment immediately, rather than spread over several years. The plan also creates a new 25% rate for small business owners, sole proprietors, and partnerships that report business income on personal tax returns. The plan allows corporations to repatriate capital overseas at a 12% tax rate.

Why are billion-dollar biotech companies going crazy over this tiny unknown company?

Multibillion-dollar companies are flocking to its door for its products.

Hardly anyone has heard of this company. It went public last year, quintupled on its IPO, and is set to quintuple again soon.

But a certain upcoming event is about to send the stock into the stratosphere…

Click here to discover what the event is and how it could make you a millionaire many times over.

For individuals, the plan calls for four tax brackets: Single filers making up to $24,000 a year will pay no income taxes, but those earning $24,000 to $90,000 will pay 12% on that income. From $90,000 to $250,000, the tax rate is 25%, and from $250,000 to $1,000,000, the rate is 35%.

If you’re making a million or more a year, your top tax bracket is unchanged at 39.6%, but you are going to likely lose deductions you previously had in some ways.

For example, under the new tax plan, all will lose the ability to deduct state and local taxes, which hits places with high state and local taxes, like New York and California, especially hard. Being wealthy in these coastal blue states will see taxes go higher.

Also under the new tax law being proposed, future homeowners will lose their mortgage interest deduction above $500,000. Existing homeowners get to keep deducting their mortgage interest as is, but if you are looking to build a new home in the future, any interest above a $500,000 mortgage is not deductible.

This caused the homebuilder companies to nosedive today, as you might imagine.

There are other parts of the bill that remove the deductions for medical expenses and phase out the estate tax, but these are the key elements. The bill will not seek the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate.

The Republicans hope to have this bill on the president’s desk by Thanksgiving.

There isn’t much doubt the bill should pass the Republican-dominated Congress, but it is very hard to not be skeptical about its chances in the Senate, where key legislation has been shot down by dissenting Republican senators.

Jeff Bezos is Betting the House on
THIS Breakthrough Technology

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and one of the world’s richest men, is betting the house on a new technology that could make you a pile of money.

In short, Bezos has declared this is the next world-changing technology. He believes it is so life-altering that soon we’ll find it in every home.

He even went so far as to launch an entire division dedicated to this technology at Amazon.

And here’s the most important part: If you get in now, on the ground floor, this emerging technology could turn every $1 you invest into $4… $8… even $15 or more… Click here now to seize this opportunity.

Fed to Move Against Economy?

In the meantime, keep your eye on the bond market. The bond market believes if the tax plan becomes law, the Federal Reserve will move against the economy by raising rates more aggressively, even with the new appointment of Jerome Powell, who has been on the Federal Reserve for the last five years.


The cake is baked for another rate hike in December. The current play is for the Fed to “gradually” raise rates three more times in 2018 (March, June, and October, most likely).

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How to sign up at Coinbase and do the transaction step by step

How to sign up at Coinbase and do the transaction step by step

Reference link:

After you sign up, you will have a reference link to forward it to your friends.

  1. Fill up the names, email, and password, then click on the 2 boxes and sign up. **Important: write down in a notebook, email, password and PIN #.

You will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to enter the back office at Coinbase.

In the back office we have:

Dashboard, Buy / Sell, Accounts, Tools, Settings

We can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

  1. Go to SETTINGS and complete what’s required in My Profile.
  2. Payment Methods click on: „+ Add Payment Method” and you can use Bank Account, Debit Card or Visa / Mastercard
  3. Warning: If you use the bank account you have a lower fee but it will deliver Bitcoin you bought in 7-9 days.

* If you use Credit Card, buy instantly and you can use it immediately. The fee is a little higher but it’s worth it.

The longer you use it, the higher the limit has been, or the full information and verification.

Buy and Sell

  1. If you want to buy Bitcoin click on Bitcoin.
  2. Click Payment Method and choose the payment method: Checking -7 Days or Credit Card – Instant
  3. Collect the amount. To the right of the same rectangle, you will see how much bitcoin you buy.
  4. Click Buy Bitcoin Instantly

On the right side will show you what you buy and Fees.

After you click on Buy Bitcoin Instantly, another page will appear for verification by clicking on accept.

Check the email and everything is ready. You can transfer Bitcoin to


How to Transfer from Coinbase to Livecoin

Open both links.

Go to Livecoin and click on DEPOSIT (it’s on top )

Look for the Bitcoin Rubble from Cryptocurrency Balance

On the left side of the page is the name for the digital coins and the right Deposit and Withdrawal.

Click on the right deposit at Bitcoin and open a window with a very long number. Click COPY then go to the Coinbase page to open Accounts and click SEND

A new page opens and Send BTC appears on the Recipient’s window, where „Enter a BTC address” is copied to the address from the Livecoin deposit.

Below you have the Bitcoin sign, where it shows how much you have.

Below it is Amount. Fill the amount you want to send. I recommend that you make a small amount of money until you become familiar. If you want to write something in Notes and click on Continue.

It may take a minute or more and You will receive the email if the transaction was made.

Open at and check out.

Now you can buy FirstCoin from


How to Make Firstcoin Transfer from Livecoin to Firstcoin Club


Go to in back office and get E-wallet address

Go to another browser and open In back office at Balance

At Firstcoin line on the right, click on Withdrawal and copy paste to the e-wallet address. Click submit

Another page opens and a code that comes in the email and Pin # from Livecoin must complete and Click submit. Go back to your email and check if it has sent the transfer confirmation. In a few minutes, the transfer must be ready.

Go to the Firstcoin club to check the transaction and make the Packages to activation or UPDATE.


At  you can find a video with a lot of explanation.

Learn, practice and be sure everything you do it’s correct.

If you don’t know something please don’t try, call us.

***Everybody in Europe can use just Litecoin to buy Bitcoin and Firstcoin. You can make Deposit with Prefer money or Payer, etc. its more simple and easy.

Together we can do more.

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Si tu poti face asta

Astăzi, crypto-monezile precum Bitcoin, Ethereum și Litecoin au devenit un fenomen global cunoscut majorității oamenilor. În timp ce este încă într-un fel ascunsa și nu este înțeleasă de majoritatea oamenilor, băncile, guvernele și multe companii sunt conștiente de importanța sa.


*** Dacă sunteți ca mine si ați fi dorit să vă înscrieți când a fost de doar $0,02 si nu ati stiut, iata acum va facem cunoscut.

Aceste zile au venit și au trecut, dar pe această piață există noi oportunități. Frofitati de acesta ocazie si participati macar acum pina nu se va zice “e prea tirziu”.


Introducerea Cryptocurrency FIRSTCOIN – Următorul nou Bitcoin

FirstCoin este unul dintre valutele digitale, așa-numitele Cryptocurrencies.

Aceste valute digitale utilizează metode de criptare, criptografice pentru a face tranzacțiile mai sigure.


Pentru a afla mai multe despre Firstcoin, vizitați:


Benefits include:

  1. Direct Referral Commission 10%
  2. Binary Bonus 5%, 8%, and 10%
  3. Eco Sharing
  4. ATM Share
  5. Income on Rate 0.8-1.10% =40%
  6. Matching Bonus 25% – 5 generation
  7. Earning from Mining Shares – 2%-8%
  8. Pool Bonus 5% este singura criptomoneda cu program de protecție împotriva ratei de schimb. Oportunitatea Firstcoin este unică.

Acest proiect este transparent, cu o directive clara.


Luați această șansă și vă îmbunătățiți stilul de viață!


Linkul afiliat:

Pentru mai multe informații și sfaturi:

Skype: pavelrocas

Pavel Rocas

951 454-3136  (va rog sa lasati mesaj si va sun inapoi)

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First Coin


Today cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, have become a global phenomenon known to most people. While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.


But for all those who made millions, even more, people missed out. If you’re like me, you may be wishing you got in on it when it was worth just $0.02.

Those days have come and gone, but there are new opportunities arising in this marketplace.


Introducing FIRSTCOIN Cryptocurrency – The next new Bitcoin

FirstCoin is one of a new type of digital currencies, so-called Cryptocurrencies.

These digital currencies use encryption, cryptographic methods to make transactions more secure.

To learn more about Firstcoin, visit:

Benefits include:

  1. Direct Referral Commission 10%
  2. Binary Bonus 5%, 8%, and 10%
  3. Eco Sharing
  4. ATM Share
  5. Income on Rate
  6. Matching Bonus
  7. Earning from Mining Shares
  8. Pool Bonus Firstcoin is the only crytptocurrency with anti-exchange rate protection program. The Firstcoin opportunity is unique and second to none. This project is transparent with a clear road map.

Take this chance and improve your lifestyle !!

Affiliate Link:

For more information and tips:


Pavel Rocas


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iCoinPro is the PREMIER training and educational platform on the internet to teach you STEP BY STEP: 
·         How/Where to Buy Your First Bitcoin TODAY
·         Easy to Follow Basic Beginner VIDEO Training tutorials
·         Full Support and Help
·         Advanced Cryptocurrency Training Strategies
                    All for just $39.95/mo
This is the link to sign up: 

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Learn the Secrets to Maximize Your Results with iCoinPro’s for Cryptocurrency

Learn the Secrets to Maximize Your Results with iCoinPro’s EXCLUSIVE Training Series and Tools
iCoinPro’s Membership Gives you access to the following Training and Tools 24/7:
  • Understanding Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies
  • Where and how to purchase Bitcoin
  • Important Terminology
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining
  • Understanding buy and sell signals
  • Access to the Micro Profit Trading System
  • Lending Cryptocurrencies
  • Full features of the EXCLUSIVE iCoinPro App for Android and iOS (Coming soon!)
  • Live WEEKLY Video Training
  • And much, much more!

Sign up for free and be part of it:

Pavel Rocas

Dallas USA

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Crypto market share is still small

Bitcoin is valued at over $66 billion and the total valuation of all cryptocurrencies has passed $142 billion.

However, compared to gold, stocks and fiat money, cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and have incredible room to grow.

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Un nou Inceput

Un nou inceput
Domnilor si doamnelor, a venit timpul sa ne bucuram de o adevarata oportunitate si de un nou inceput. Lasind in urma trecutul nefavorabil, sa fim cu mare atentie la prezentul de azi si sa nu pierdem cea mai mare sansa a vietii noastre.
La inceput Bitcoin ul a fost in 2009 2 centi si cu $20 inestiti atunci, acum puteam avea un million de dollari. De ce am pierdut sansa atunci? In primul rind nu am auzit de el, iar in al doilea rind nu am crezut si nu am inteles ce este si ce importanta are nici in anii care au urmat. Documentar

Astazi acest mesaj are rolul sa te informeze ce este si ce importanta are moneda digitala.

1. Va invit sa ascultati acest video scurt despre moneda digitala.
Prezentare Excallit-Veros in limba romana. video 14.49 minute

Miercuri orele 21.00 Ro. prezentarea afacerii, Joi orele 21.00 dezvoltarea afacerii
Link de acces in conferinta:,93285251

2. Importanta monedei digitale: 1a.moneda digitala va inlocui incet toate celelalte forme de plata si schimb valutar.
2a. Se pot face transfer de la persoana la perssoana fara interventia bancii mult mai rapid si cu costuri minime.
3a. Este viitorul si inlocuitorul cash ului.

Atentie: fie ca participam acum fie ca respingem sau comentam, ACESTA i-a locul schimbului valutar. Ferice de oricine face primul pas acum, astazi si aici.

Pasul #1. Participarea. Trimteti va rog numele, emailul si telefonul.

Pasul 2. Activarea. Insemna achizitionarea unui packet intre 100 si 50,000 de euro si alegerea duratei de investitie. De precizat: odata cumparat paketul cu Veros este al dumneavoastra pentru totdeauna si nu este tinut in banca sau in alt loc, ci in portofelul dumneavoastra.

Urmariti in tabelul urmator: investitiile, durata si interesul in functie de packet. Interesul se distribuie zilnic in portofelul dumneavoastra si puteti sa-l folositi.

Pentru schimbul din moneda digitala Veros in UDS, EUR, SGD sau alte menede digitale va recomand doua platforme: cu link de referinta:
Sau Link de referinta:

Sunt doua feluri de participanti: 1. Investitor sau 2. Investitor care dezvolta afacerea. (refera si altora oportunitatea)
Un exemplu de investitie: la 10,000 de euro investitie pe termen de 3 anii cu interesul de 20%. Ati primi azi 11,003,521.12676 VRS.
11,003,521.12676 VRS x 20% = 2,200,704 VRS pe an si impartit la 12 luni = 183,392 VRS lunar. Daca vindeti interesul lunar cu 0.02 sau cu 0.05 sau cu 0.10 calculati singuri ce profit puteti avea.

Atentie: daca moneda veros creste veti primi o suma mai mica de VRS, de aceea acum este cel mai potrivit timp de investitie. Decizia va apartine.
Sunt aici si va stau la dispozitie cu orice informatie este nevoi pentru investitie si dezvoltarea propriei afaceri.

Lider si Investitor Int. 25k
Pavel Rocas
Email skype ID pavelrocas

Actioneaza acum pina nu e prea tirziu. Impreuna vom face lucruri bune, minunate si benefice pentru fiecare. Fa primul pas acum.

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COSS platform.

Hi there,

To give you a better idea of the nearest future of the COSS development, we would like to introduce you to our strategic partners and the upcoming features of the COSS platform.

Please meet:

TaaS – the first tokenized closed-end fund aiming to reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the blockchain space. With its profit-sharing smart contract, TaaS has introduced a new business model allowing investors to benefit from the fund’s income stream.

CoinPip – a Singapore-based company that reinvents the way money transfers between businesses are made. CoinPip helps businesses to send money abroad in under 48-hour time avoiding bank or forex charges. On COSS CoinPip is soon to cater B2B remittance.

Attores – a platform that offers Smart Contracts as a Services making it easy for customers to write, submit and execute Smart Contracts on the blockchain. On COSS, Attores will soon implement digital signing of documents and certificates.

Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) – a financial technology company building the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines. SCI designed products such as Remittance, Payment Processing, Investments and Mobile Money, offering its P2P remittance services to COSS customers shortly.

Eva Energy – a subscription-based energy-supply company from Romania dedicated to delivering integrated utilities – electricity and natural gas to industrial and domestic customers since 2012. On COSS.IO Eva Energy is soon to introduce billing for gas and electricity in cryptocurrency.

CardBlue – a Romania-based provider of prepaid MasterCard and the associated services. CardBlue is soon to issue COSS prepaid cards for easy deposit/withdrawal of cryptocurrency, its conversion into cash and to enable payments in physical stores.

Civic – a platform that provides identity theft protection by means of multi-factor authentication, third-party authenticator, and a physical hardware token. Civic login is soon to be implemented on COSS.

ICORating – a rating agency that has developed a system helping to analyze ICOs greatly contributing to the growing market behind it. ICO Rating will soon collaborate with COSS to put ICO services to the next level by offering a set of related services.

FundYourSelfNow (FYN) – startup that aims to revolutionize the traditional crowdfunding by catering services that facilitate team-building and project development to help creators fundraise for their projects from scratch. Together with COSS, FYN will transform fundraising.

CoinFirm – a startup that is currently building a foundation for safe adoption and acceptance of the blockchain assets via its various services such as AML, KYC, Compliance, Analytics, Monitoring, etc. Through its collaboration with CoinFirm, COSS will soon introduce the enhanced AML function to its customers.

Digital Developers Fund (DDF) – an investment fund designed to let investors participate in the extraordinary growth of domain names and crypto currencies. DDF’s investment focus concentrates on the domain names, cryptocurrency and reserve funds.

Jetcoin Institute – manages the distribution of the digital fuel, Jetcoin (JET) operating within the sports and the entertainment industries. Very soon the customers of COSS will be able to take advantage of the deals available for the participants of the network behind the Jetcoin Institute.

That’s only the beginning!

Currently, we are running the Token Swap (ICO) campaign during which you can purchase the revenue-generating COSS tokens that will earn you a portfolio in multiple cryptocurrency.

Participate here:

We’re building something big, so stay tuned!

Your COSS Team

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